Vulnerability Patch Management

In 2014, fully one third of the new hacking tools discovered by security researchers at Hewlett-Packard relied on exploiting a flaw in Microsoft Windows that was discovered in 2010. Microsoft issued a patch shortly after the exploit was discovered. And yet, hackers continue to take advantage of older exploits.

Why? Many companies don’t update their software due to the sheer weight of vulnerability testing and patch management workload, or concern over potential impacts of a given patch on their critical business applications, since today’s networks are so complex and rely on so many vendors that changing one piece can cause a shut down.

So many IT shops scan for vulnerabilities too infrequently, or take too much time to test and implement patches. These delays can drag on for months, if not years – again leaving your company exposed to even the most rudimentary hackers who continue to weaponize legacy exploits.

CyberDefenses can help by taking on vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and risk-prioritized patch management for you.

Our Vulnerability and Patch Management services include:

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