Elections Cybersecurity Assessments: Protect the Integrity of Your Elections

Take the First Step in Protecting Your Elections Data and Systems

Runbeck Elections Services, the leader in elections services, is excited to partner with CyberDefenses, a premier cybersecurity services provider to introduce the first comprehensive cybersecurity audit built specifically for elections departments. In this webinar, we'll share what the new relationship means for you and the benefits you can expect including assessments and ongoing cybersecurity support and training. You'll learn how: - CyberDefenses performs a full assessment of elections-related systems, including searching the internet and dark net on behalf of clients to ensure the integrity of ongoing elections - Our experts perform a full assessment of your processes and systems to ensure that you are following best practices and meeting regulatory mandates - This assessment provides the expert staff to help elections officials understand their current environment and measure it relative to DHS, CIS, NIST CSF guidance, as well as to industry best practices