Threat Hunting

Modern Adversaries are Sharp, Motivated and Well-Tooled

Complement Traditional Defenses with Advanced Detection and Response

No organization today would be without traditional security defenses. But as adversaries escalate their game, traditional defenses are no longer enough. The ability to collect and analyze security big data to find targeted advanced threats and insider threats is quickly becoming mandatory for true IT security. But given that most organizations struggle to deploy, manage and utilize an effective combination of traditional defenses, the expertise and tooling required to do advanced threat detection is simply out of reach.

Managed detection and response (MDR) services focus on finding previously undetected threats that have breached an organization’s perimeter and are moving laterally through the IT environment.

CyberDefenses has the expertise and experience needed to move your organization to the next level of security maturity and protection through its MDR service.

CyberDefenses - Hacking Detected
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Big data analytics
  • Threat intelligence & hunting
  • Proactive incident response
  • 24/7 monitoring