Server & User Endpoint Products

Comprehensive Endpoint IT and SecOps

Complete Visibility and Control of Endpoint Device Activity

Critical data lives on (or behind) corporate application servers, and of course, on user desktop and mobile devices. Once an attacker has access to your endpoints, network defenses and access controls are ineffective.

Your endpoints are where your end users and corporate apps live. And those endpoints are exactly where the vast majority of your IT Ops and Security Ops uses cases will come into play.

We can ensure that you have broad visibility into endpoints from a security perspective, as well as the user support and control capabilities required to keep your endpoints up to date from a security policy, performance, and operations perspective.

CyberDefenses - Secure Data
  • Asset Inventory
  • Asset Location
  • Asset Posture
  • Asset Software Update Management
  • Across Laptops, Workstations and Servers
  • Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems
  • Integrated into your larger IT and SecOps infrastructure