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Sailpoint IIQ Implementation and Integration

We partner with you to implement and integrate SailPoint IdentityIQ

1. Planning & Analysis

  • Solution Requirements
  • User Stories/Use Cases
  • Project Roadmap

2. Design

  • Functional Specifications
  • Logical Architecture
  • Potential Customizations Identified

3. Build

  • Hardware, Software Installation
  • Configuration
  • Application and Process

4. Test

  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing

5. Deploy

  • End User Training
  • Production GoLive
  • As Delivered Documentation

6. Support

  • Business-as-Usual Support
  • Transition to Your IT Team
  • Or Provide You with CyberDefenses Managed Identity Services

Let us help you get key integration work done correctly across your entire IT environment – ensuring long-term user and application growth can occur seamlessly and cost-effectively:

  • Database tier
  • Web tier
  • Application tier
  • Existing application controls
    • Single sign-on – SAML and/or Integrated Windows Authentication
    • Access management
    • Creation, modification and deactivation of accounts throughout user lifecycles
    • Account provisioning
    • Password management
  • Corporate IT Platforms
    • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
    • Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERPs)
    • Corporate LDAP directories
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