Threat Intelligence Fundamentals


Threat Intelligence is integral to the safety of organizations, but it is an ill-defined and inequitably employed function. A strong security strategy requires a grounded understanding in the elements of intelligence, data gathering, and analysis; in order to defend networks, computers, and proprietary data.

The lab intensive environment will guide students through the collection, transformation, analysis, profiling, and then exploitation of knowledge about adversaries – what we call (cyber) threat intelligence – to provide the information superiority and edge that can reduce attackers’ success in any of the core steps of an attack. A prime goal of threat intelligence is to put timely, accurate, and detailed intelligence in the right hands to monitor, meet and then overcome evolving attacks. Another is to exploit that intelligence to deal with the increasingly sophisticated state of threats, be it in defense, response, mitigation, or prediction. Students will learn techniques to perform these steps so when they depart from the 5-day intensive course they will have the practical, hands-on understanding and experience in intelligence work.

Regardless of the maturity level of an organization, the need for critical intelligence to combat and understand how adversaries operate couldn’t be higher. This course will teach you and your team how to find, refine and leverage that intelligence.

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Course Objectives

Through the user interactive labs the student will learn:

  • Collect, transform, analyze and then leverage intelligence to detect, respond, and overcome threats
  • Piece together adversary campaigns, threat activities, and organizations behind it all
  • Manage, share, and receive intelligence on threats and adversaries
  • Transform internal and external data into intelligence and share it accordingly
  • Enrich existing intelligence to analyze, understand and profile adversaries

Date & Time

(Round Rock) Oct 2-6

Target Student

Threat intelligence, and information security professionals, forensic investigators or others requiring an understanding of how to handle the challenges of threat intelligence.


CDI Academy
1205 Sam Bass Road, Suite 300
Round Rock, TX 78681
(512) 255-3700

Your Instructor

Monty St John

Monty St John has been in the security world for more than two decades. When he is not responding to incidents he teaches classes in Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Digital Forensics.


Certification of Completion


(Round Rock) Oct 2-6