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Program Introduction

Identity Management Concepts will educate the student in the fundamental concepts in, approaches for, and challenges with implementing a successful Identity Program. This class will explain the different areas of Identity Management (such as single sign-on, provisioning, access requests, role management, etc) and how to determine which areas are of utmost importance for your organization to tackle. The student will also learn the common pitfalls when setting up an Identity Program and best practices to address them. This class is vendor agnostic and the lessons learned will be applicable regardless of the tools used to implement your program.

Course Objectives

The student will learn:
  • Understand the different areas of Identity Management such as access management, single-sign on, privileged user management, etc.
  • Establish a foundation in the technologies underpinning each area of Identity Management.
  • Understand what makes a successful Identity Management program and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Understand the business drivers for Identity Management and how to properly set priority at your organization.

Target Student

Identity Management Operators, IT Managers and Leaders, information security professionals and others requiring and understanding of identity concepts and solutions.


Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson has more than 15 years of experience in Security and Identity Management. Eli is a well respected member of the Identity Management community having architected, led, and provided guidance for Identity Management programs with organizations ranging from mid-size to many of the Fortune 100. Learn more about Eli Anderson.

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