Security Health & Darknet Exposure Check


Uncover whether or not your organization has already been compromised and if cybercriminals are taking advantage of current events to target your operations and employees specifically. Our threat intelligence experts are actively engaged with threat actors to bring you relevant information you can act on, not automated, general reports.



Learn if or how your organization or your industry is being targeted by cybercriminal communities in addition to vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit. You can take precise actions to protect your operations and your remote workforce.

The Security Health Check identifies security vulnerabilities created by a shift to a remote work model by reviewing:

  • Network architecture and infrastructure
  • Home computer and mobile device protections
  • Work-from-home security practices

The Darknet Exposure Check uncovers active attacker threats specifically related to your organization, including:

  • Stolen credentials
  • Phishing schemes
  • Ransomware targeting

Within five business days, you’ll receive a customized security improvement roadmap with additional detailed recommendations.