CyberDefenses Incident Response – 10 Hours

Incident Hotline Product


Available Upon Request

Includes 10 Hours of Support

The CyberDefenses team is prepared to respond to any type of cybersecurity incident. In order to begin the analysis, please be prepared to upload and/or report all related information. CyberDefenses personnel are available 24×7 to investigate and/or respond to Incidents, as they occur.

Product Details

The CyberDefenses Incident Response team brings unsurpassed skills in Cybersecurity investigation and incident response. In order to access CyberDefenses’ services, teams much pre-purchase a minimum block of time that typically provides sufficient investigatory time that will allow the Incident Response and/or Security Operations teams to determine the nature and scope of the reported incident.

Please note that this non-refundable purchase will allocate no more than 10 hours of investigation. At the conclusion of this purchased time, the CyberDefenses team will provide a status update and any resulting conclusions. If necessary, an estimate will be provided for additional time to complete the investigation.