Penetration Testing

Active Evaluation of Defense in Depth Efficacy

Identify Which Vulnerabilities Are Capable of Exploitation Right Now

Penetration testing is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, and potentially exploits those weaknesses to prove that access to the system’s features and data can be achieved. Pen tests help determine if a system is vulnerable to attack, or if defenses were sufficient, and which defenses, if any, were defeated during the test.

CyberDefenses is equipped to perform white box (background and system information provided), and black box (no information except company name) tests.

  • Establishment of penetration testing goals
  • Find vulnerabilities able to be exploited by a cyber attacker
  • Assess potential impact of an attack
  • Recommended mitigation strategies and risk reduction countermeasures
CyberDefenses - Vulnerability Attack