Cybersecurity Incident Response

What To Do When You’ve Been Attacked

Moving from Chaos to Control

The frequency of data breaches, hacks and security compromises continue to rise at an alarming rate, and expand in scope. What’s more, the impact of cybersecurity breaches continues to grow worse as organizations increasingly shift to digital systems and operations. A security event can disrupt operations, services and functions, and how an organization responds can have long-lasting consequences on business continuity.

CyberDefenses’ team of cybersecurity, threat intelligence and digital forensics experts have deep knowledge and extensive experience helping organizations face the threat of cybersecurity incidents. We can respond immediately to an incident and we can help you put a plan in place so you’re prepared to detect a possible threat and act quickly after an incident occurs.

Our Incident Response Process

CyberDefenses’ Incident Response (IR) process and technologies help organizations immediately take control of a security compromise situation, mitigate the damage and protect data, systems and operations. Depending on the urgency and severity of the situation, we are capable of handling incidents remotely or “on the ground.” Our process methodically gets control of the incident and ultimately restores order and normal business operations.

  • Identification: Full review of log files, error messages, alerts, trouble tickets to determine incident scope and damage
  • Containment: Invoke isolations, takedowns, failovers and backups to prevent further spread of the attack
  • Eradication: Removals, restorations, scans and patches required to eliminate the presence of attacker malware and control
  • Recover: Test, monitor and validate the restoration of clean operating systems, applications, access controls, etc. are functioning properly
  • Harden: Development and implementation of new policies, procedures, training and monitoring required to prevent a repeat attack

Incident Response Planning

Don’t wait for an incident to focus on protecting your organization against a cybersecurity attack. If an Incident Response plan, properly training personnel and specific policies and procedures are not in place, an incident can quickly escalate into an emergency crisis or disaster.

CyberDefenses can help you put together a thorough plan tailored to your organization’s structure, operational model and risk tolerance. Based on best practices that have been proven in some of the most critical scenarios, our Incident Response plan will help your team respond swiftly and definitively to a cybersecurity incident in the earliest phases possible to reduce the damage, protect data and systems and keep operations running.