Managed Identity Services

The problem facing many companies

The problem facing many companies is the fact that operational support is reducing their ability to expand and automate their Identity and Access Management environment.

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Engineers diverted from new functionality to support roles

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Can’t support or monitor applications continuously

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Frequent patches and updates drain budgets and extend timelines

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Experienced engineers in short supply

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No time to research the root cause of incidents

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Must support extensions beyond vendor base code support

The answer to the challenge

The answer to the challenge is CyberDefenses comprehensive suite of Managed Identity Services to help you expand your functionality and maintain your current applications.

The end result is you have the resources and support necessary to advance your business, increase and automate functionality and succeed in today’s competitive markets!

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24/7 Monitoring & Incident Response

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Operational Support

CyberDefenses - Education

Trained & Experienced Team