Looking Ahead to Growth in Cybersecurity Guidance Services with Key New Hire

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by Damon Fleury, CTO

While no one would argue that rapid growth is a good thing, most of us would agree that it comes with its challenges. Hiring the right team members to keep pace with a growing customer base and increasing cybersecurity pressures is one of those challenges. It’s certainly more involved than simply finding a person whose skills and experience matches a checklist of current service offerings. In the quickly evolving cybersecurity realm, adding a new person to the team requires finding someone who can help shape and steer the company to meet the unknown challenges that our customers will face in the not-too-distant future.

Thankfully, we have found those qualities in our newly appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Managing Director of CISO Advisory, Brian Engle. After serving as a consultant working with our team over the last several months, Engle is wasting no time helping us protect our clients against cyber threats by applying his experience in regulatory compliance, incident response and elections cybersecurity, to name only a few areas of his expertise.

He is a well-known leader in the cybersecurity industry who has been instrumental in defining what cybersecurity looks like for businesses and government entities. He has worked as the State of Texas CISO and he was the Cybersecurity Coordinator, Enterprise CISO at the Texas and Health and Human Services Commission. He is a co-founder of the Texas CISO Council, and he is regularly asked to speak at industry events and provide training and guidance to fellow cybersecurity professionals.

Engle’s knowledge and skills help round out our team of well-known and well-respected cybersecurity industry leaders, including Director of Threat Intelligence, Monty St John, and the Head of the Security Operations Center, Chris Rogers. Together, we’re working on developing and refining service offerings that will enable our clients to fight the hackers and malicious actors that threaten to undermine their organizations. We’re focused on delivering the services, guidance and training that helps businesses and government entities maintain continuous operations and avoid the devastating disruption that cyberattacks can cause.

About the author

Damon Fleury

Damon Fleury serves as the Chief Technology Officer of CyberDefenses, Inc. He is responsible for technology selection, research and development across the range of security services offered to CDI customers. Prior to CyberDefenses, Damon spent over two decades in engineering, product management and senior leadership roles, with a heavy focus on networking and cybersecurity. In addition to his work within CyberDefenses, Damon is also very active in the cybersecurity start-up community. As a Managing Partner within Manifest, Damon helps enable the cybersecurity community to support the growth and success of Austin-based security startups.