Local Government Security Assessment

Local Government Security Assessment


  • Government-specific Security Expertise
  • Simple Pricing
  • Easy-to-Understand Reports
  • Certified via Government Contract Vehicles Including GSA and TIPS

Know Your Security Score so You Can Take the Steps Needed to Stay Ahead of Cyber Attackers.

Municipalities handle large amounts of sensitive resident and constituent data. Cities are also responsible for managing the critical infrastructures that support their communities. These facts make local governments prime targets for cyber attackers seeking monetary gain or wanting to cause disruptions that serve other agendas.

Many cities have recently been hit by ransomware and have had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to regain access to critical operations and data. Knowing your security stance is a strong first step in defending against these attacks.

Through CyberDefenses's Local Goverment Security Assessment, your municipality will receive an Assessment Scorecard and a detailed Assessment Report. Your report will include a Security Readiness Score that gives you an at-an-glance understanding of your security stance.

The assessment includes a thorough interview and evaluation process by our Cyber Navigator teams. They will review not only your technology, but also your entire city management processes to find potential vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do.

You'll also receive detailed and easy-to-follow recommendations for improving your cybersecurity throughout every department. You'll have a customized path that factors in available resources and urgent priorities that require immediate action.

Local Government Security Assessment Includes


Available Add-Ons

Security Engineering

Identity & Access Management

Incident Response Training