4 Qs to Raise Your Cybersecurity Awareness

CyberSecurity is a team effort

Do you know what you can do to help improve your organization's security?

Cybersecurity doesn't rest solely with your security or technology teams. We all have an important part to play to keep our organization's systems, networks and data protected against breaches and cyber attacks. And knowledge is the best weapon.

That's why it's important to take a few moments to speak with the staff members responsible for your security to raise your cybersecurity awareness. Ask them how they're defending your company and how you can help. They'll appreciate it; you'll feel empowered to be part of the defense.

Knowing what to ask to start the cybersecurity awareness conversation can be daunting when security is not your area of expertise. To help open up the discussion, we've put together four questions. No specialized cybersecurity knowledge needed.

Anyone in security will tell you that the ability to quickly respond to a data breach or cyber attack, like phishing, ransomware and malware, is important. It's key to minimizing the damage and being able to recover. Rapid response requires diligence across the entire company. And diligence depends on knowing what to look out for.

Using these questions, you'll gain an understanding of how your organization approaches security. You'll be able to spot anything that may be out of the norm and notify the right people who can quickly take action.

Download your questions now to raise your cybersecurity awareness. Learn what could signify a cybersecurity incident and what you can do to alert the right resources to address it.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Questions