Incident Response Exercises

Be Prepared for a Cyber Attack.

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Incident Response Plan Template

Incident Response Preparedness Exercises

Creating an incident response plan is only the first step. Is your team prepared to put it into action?

  • Tabletop Exercises

    Our cybersecurity experts will lead an onsite discussion-based session designed to help your security team, IT teams, executive leadership, communications and operational heads understand their role in responding to a cybersecurity incident.

  • Virtual Exercises

    Our team of cybersecurity experts will work onsite with your team of up to 8 members for two days to exercise your Incident Response Plan in response to relevant cyber attacks.

  • Onsite Exercises

    CyberDefenses cybersecurity experts will come to your site to create simulated incidents that factor in the specific criteria and unique structure of your organization, systems, network and culture.