Incident Response Exercises

Be Prepared for a Cyber Attack.

Creating an incident response plan is only the first step. Is your team prepared to put the plan into action?

Minimize the damage and disruption caused by a cyber attack by ensuring that your organization is prepared to recover quickly from an incident. Our team has deep incident response experience and our Incident Response Exercises can help you take the next steps to validate that your plan is effective and your team is ready.

  • Tabletop Exercises

    Our cybersecurity experts will lead a discussion-based session on your site to help your stakeholders, from security and IT teams to communications and operational heads, understand the framework for your Incident Response Plan as part of your Incident Response Program. Our facilitators guide participants through a discussion of one or more threat scenarios so that each member of your cross-departmental response team understands their role during a cyber attack.

  • Simulation

    Advance your team's cyber attack readiness further by enlisting CyberDefenses to assist with simulated cyber attack drills in the CyberDefenses cyber range. Each participant will be assigned a role and will be presented with a simulated threat. It's an ideal way to refine your plan in a low-stakes environment rather than during a real cyber crisis.

  • Incident Response Wargames

Train your team where it matters most, in your own environment. CyberDefenses cybersecurity experts will come to your site to create simulated incidents that factor in the specific criteria and unique structure of your organization, systems, network and culture. It ensures that every member of your response team knows exactly how to respond and that your processes are effective. We'll work closely with your leadership team to identify and design the specifics of your customized exercises.

Incident Response Plan

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