Identity Governance

IAM is Vital to Security

Getting Your Governance Right Lays the Proper Foundation

IAM governance is the establishment and management of policies, processes and accountabilities for core IAM functions, such as defining roles and entitlements, and managing approvals for access requests.

Proper solution configuration in support of the above needs can be arduous and error-prone.

CyberDefenses - User Data

Let us help you get it right:

  • Automated synchronization of identities (adds, changes and deletions) across customers’ identity repositories
  • Visibility and control over administrators who manage identities directly through an IDaaS administrative interface
  • Enabling users to reset their own passwords
  • Supporting identity life cycle processes
  • Automating access requests (including self-service)
  • Providing governance over user access to critical systems via workflows for policy enforcement, as well as for access certification processes
  • Role management and access certification