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Effective IAM Analytics Provide Actionable Insight

Many organizations have IAM tools in place to manage user provisioning, SSO, and identity governance. But tracking user activity once on the network remains elusive. In a recent ESG survey, 28% of security professionals identified the weakest area of security monitoring as user behavior activity monitoring/visibility, the highest percentage of all categories.

IAM analytics help link network and device activity to actual users. This is particularly helpful with security investigations. Our ability to instrument IAM security analytics helps organizations address the fundamentals:

CyberDefenses - Monitoring Data

Let us help you improve incident detection/response with analytics that streamline user access and behavior tracking – ultimately helping businesses reduce their attack surface and cyber risk.

  • Clean up the access list: Quickly identify rogue accounts or users who haven’t accessed applications for a prolonged period. Once discovered, these accounts can be quickly deleted.
  • Establish and manage separation of duties (SODs): IAM security analytics can be used to identify business process relationships and highlight potential conflicts of interest related to compliance and risk.
  • Manage privileged users: IAM managers can use analytics to gain visibility to privileged accounts and subsequently enact security alerts when anomalous behavior is detected.