How to Engage

At CyberDefenses, we know it can be difficult for organizations to figure out where to start or how to engage. That's why we built our AIMTM process to facilitate engagement.

Questions like these often arise:

  • Where are our greatest security risks?
  • What is our level of security maturity?
  • Are we using the right security products?
  • Are we appropriately staffed, skilled and organized?
  • How do we determine an acceptable level of security risk?
  • What should our business expect to spend on security – initially and ongoing?
CyberDefenses - Meeting

CyberDefenses AIMTM

CyberDefenses - AIM Access
Step 1

Determine if your organization is cyber ready.

  • Compliance
  • Compromise
  • Social Engineering
  • Penetration
  • Vulnerability
  • Process
  • Product
  • Personnel
Step 2

Create a plan to achieve the right level of cyber readiness.

  • Plan of Action
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Security Maturity
  • Budget
  • Timeline
CyberDefenses - AIM Manage
Step 3

Execute the plan – upfront and ongoing work, insourced or outsourced.

  • Executive Oversight
  • Managed Service Subscription
  • Training & Certification

Our Plan of Action

To make the process thoughtful, comprehensive, and achievable in a realistic timeframe and with clear, executive-ready milestones, CyberDefenses uses its trademarked AIMTM process. AIM is comprised of three steps – an assessment of your organization’s security start point, an innovation step that right-sizes a proposal that moves you from where you are to where you want to be – complete with a plan of action and cost estimates, and finally, an ongoing management service program that allows to outsource any or all of your cyber security management needs.

Assess and Innovate stages are chargeable on a project basis. If you elect to perform all deployment, configuration, monitoring, etc. on your own, you only incur the project costs. If you elect to purchase a CyberDefenses managed service subscription, we are often able to apply portions of the Assess and Innovate efforts as a credit to your subscription program.