Election Security Guide

Achieving the Cultural Transformation Needed to Secure Elections

Election cyberattacks are a serious challenge to democracy. Even if a threat actor never takes definitive action, the doubt cast by an attempted attack can be enough to undermine confidence in our election system. The reality is most election teams rely on computers and the Internet for operations and communications, even if the actual election is conducted offline. This opens up avenues of attack that cyber criminals can target through a variety of methods from phishing to publishing false information on fake websites. Defending against this heightened threat level requires an internal team culture characterized by a viligant day-to-day cybersecurity mindset. Protecting elections from tampering, data theft and other attacks is no longer solely the responsibility of IT or cybersecurity teams. It is everyone's responsibility. In this guide, you'll learn how to instill a culture of security best practices across your election organization.

Guide to Election Security