Election Security Compliance and Mitigation

Reduce Risk and Meet Elections Cybersecurity Regulatory Mandates

Improving Your Cybersecurity Posture

After we’ve conducted a thorough assessment, you’ll have the data and guidance needed to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity improvement effort. We can continue to help you secure your elections environment by putting the plan into action.

Our experts can make sure each task and strategy is completed correctly, efficiently and quickly. Our Cyber Navigators know what it takes to maximize security without wasting resources, including time, money and staff.

Establish and Maintain Compliance

A growing number of regulations are affecting all organizations, and elections organizations are no different. The nature of the sensitive data collected and generated by elections makes it even more critical that you carefully adhere to compliance mandates.

We’ll evaluate your processes, procedures and practices against the regulations and conduct a gap analysis. Then we’ll craft a detailed plan to implement the right measures. Plus, we’ll train your staff so everyone is following the guidelines at all times.