Election Security Training

Cybersecurity Training


  • Led by Leading Cybersecurity Experts Actively Engaged in Client Work
  • Designed for Election Teams and Leadership

Two-Day Staff and Leadership Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training Specifically for Elections

CyberDefenses offers hands-on cybersecurity classes designed specifically for state and county election leadership and teams. This two-day instructor led class covers the threats that affect the democratic process. Students will leave with a deep understanding of how to continuously evolve their processes to improve security, protect voter data, and defend critical operations and elections from cyberattack disruption.


Understanding Election Security

Key Topics:
  • Attackers and Motivation
  • Vulnerabilities and Exploits
  • Opportunistic Attacks
  • Attacker Movement Inside Your Org
Hands-On Exercises:
  • How to Hack a Server
  • Releasing Ransomware
  • Lateral Movement

Securing Voter Data and Election Services

Key Topics:
  • Data Security
  • Securing Physical Access to Networks
  • Servers and Devices
  • Operations Security
Hands-On Exercises:
  • Enabling and Using Encryption
  • Control Access to Systems and Files


Security Risk Management

Key Topics:
  • Risk-Based Decision Making
  • Security Planning
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Managing 3rd Party Risk
Hands-On Exercises:
  • Creating a Security Plan
  • Creating an Incident Response Plan
  • Performing Vendor Assessments

Practicing Cybersecurity

Key Topics:
  • Staff Expectations and Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Communications Planning
Hands-On Exercises:
  • Table-top Exercise



Classes Available In-Person and Online

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Security Assessments

Cyber Navigator/CISO Guidance

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