Election Security Monitoring Pricing

Election Security Monitoring

Prices reflect the monthly investment for continuous Security Operations Center monitoring, ongoing threat analysis and Cyber Navigator guidance contracted over a one-year or three-year period.


  • Monitoring of networks, servers and other technology infrastructure systems
  • Monitoring of all connected PCs, tablets and iPads
  • Darkweb scans to identify data that has been compromised
  • Firewall monitoring to catch vulnerabilities


Monthly Price$


Available Add-Ons

Intelligence Services

Security Engineering

Incident Response Training

Why CyberDefenses for Election Security

CyberDefenses is the premiere election security services provider trusted by state and local governments. We understand how to secure elections, and we’ve used this knowledge to put together a program designed to protect the entire election process, not just election technology. Straightforward pricing plans and a thorough suite of services make it easy for election officials to improve security at every level.