Election Security Readiness Bundle Datasheet

Protect 2020 Election Security Bundle

The time to secure your 2020 election is now. Whether it’s nation-state attackers seeking to affect election outcomes, domestic activists intent on furthering their agendas by casting doubt on vote tallies or criminal actors who want to profit from stolen data, many election attacks start long before the actual election. What's more, attackers gain access through both online and physical vulnerabilities.

Don't wait to secure every aspect of your election. The Protect 2020 Election Security Readiness Plan gives you the most effective security services available. The plan is specific to elections so you don’t waste time or resources on ineffective strategies or services you don’t need, and you don’t miss out on the services you do need. Plus, the tailored bundles and straightforward pricing simplify budgeting and execution.

Unlike most security service providers that focus only on technology and Internet security, the Protect 2020 Election Security Readiness Plan integrates security awareness and best practices across your people, places and processes, in addition to your technology and election systems such as Digital Recording Equipment or Vote Tabulation Systems. The most comprehensive program available to election organizations, it's designed to protect every possible weak point where cyber criminals attack or where mistakes can disrupt your election.

The plan includes Cyber Navigator visits to your offices and polling locations where we conduct a thorough Election Security AssessmentYou’ll also receive the advantage of our leading threat hunting capabilities to find existing and potential cyber attacks internally across your network and systems as well as intelligence services that find external threats throughout the Internet and Darknet. Your staff will be interviewed to gauge their security practices and awareness and we’ll review your processes and policies against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Additionally, 24X7 Election Security Monitoringcatches any potential threats before they become a problem and ensures your election environment is always protected.