Election Security Assessment

Election Security Assessment


  • Election-specific Security Expertise
  • Onsite Execution
  • Simple Pricing
  • Easy-to-Understand Reports

Action Backed by Knowledge Is a Powerful Defense.

Through onsite visits by our Cyber Navigator teams, our Election Security Assessment (ESA) provides insight into every possible area where the voting process could be disrupted by cyberattackers intent on negatively impacting elections or stealing data.

You’ll receive an ESA Scorecard and a detailed ESA Report that includes a Security Readiness Score, detailed issues and easy-to-follow recommendations, giving you a customized path to improved election security. The report can be used to facilitate discussions with County leadership and other key stakeholders, and it can guide the prioritization of the resources needed to strengthen security initiatives.

The ESA goes beyond a typical technology assessment to truly evaluate the election process for potential security concerns. The assessment is designed for election leadership to inform and educate on security concerns directly as they relate to your specific process and environment.


Available Add-Ons

Security Engineering

Identity & Access Management

Incident Response Training

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