Protect 2020 – Election Security Bundle


  • Election-specific Security Expertise
  • Comprehensive Assessment and Monitoring Services
  • Simple Pricing Packages
  • Easy-to-Understand Reports

The time to secure your 2020 election is now. Whether it’s nation-state attackers seeking to affect election outcomes, domestic activists intent on furthering their agendas by casting doubt on the election process or criminal actors who want to profit from stolen data, election attacks start long before the actual election.

Protecting your election requires a new mindset that brings technology and information security into every corner of your election process. To get there in time for the election, you need to add key technology and expertise to your team right now.

The CyberDefenses Protect 2020 Election Security Bundle provides this solution at a fixed cost for your 2020 election. It gives you the most effective security services available. The plan is specific to elections so you don’t waste time or resources on ineffective strategies or services you don’t need, and you don’t miss out on the services you do need. Plus, the straightforward pricing simplifies budgeting and execution.

The  program is designed to identify and protect your weak points where cyber criminals are most likely to attack and disrupt your election. The plan includes assessments, guidance, cyber intelligence, monitoring and more.

Election Security End-to-End Process

In many cases, security efforts focus only on voter machines or tabulation systems, but the reality is cyberattackers infiltrate elections using a variety of different methods across the entire election process. CyberDefenses election security services address the entire process from voter registration to electronic results reporting.

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Bundle Includes Everything You Need To Protect Your 2020 Election

The plan includes the following critical services to complement your team, starting immediately and running through 2020.

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