Defensive Cyber Operations

Defense in Depth is Challenging to Design, Implement and Manage

Entrust IT Security to Those Who Do It Every Day

Information technology is the core of any modern business. And cyber adversaries want in – no matter what it takes. Stopping them is a constant game of defense in depth, monitoring for alerts and suspicious activity, and acting on the right contextual information. The challenge will never lessen due to the specialized, complex, dynamic nature of IT security, and the increasing number of regulatory requirements designed to ensure higher levels of personal and company-related financial data protection.

With ever changing technology, threats and best practice discoveries, it is easy to fall behind with respect to the right defense in depth approach and its proper deployment, configuration and currency.

This is why 80% of IT professionals have already partnered with – or plan to partner with – a managed security service provider.

Let us help you manage traditional security solutions, including best practice deployment, configuration, and management of products like these:

  • Firewall and Access Control Lists
  • Email Security
  • Malware Detection
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