Data Access & User Controls

The menace of attacks to steal or damage your critical data – client personal information and/or intellectual property – isn’t going away.

Absent or Out of Date Access Controls Are High Risk Propositions

Access controls are a key part of any security system, but only if leveraged to their full potential. There are two halves to an effective control strategy: restricting user access and granting user access. The challenge is to build and implement policies that use the right approach for a given set of users and data.

CyberDefenses - Data Protection
  • To what degree can data and user access be personalized and customized?
  • What are the means of managing access controls?
  • Are your rules configured to reflect user role and purpose?
  • How are your data and user access rules controlled?
  • Does your solution support real-time enforcement?
  • Can sensitive data be masked on the fly?
  • Are you performing data and user access rule audits?