CyberDefenses Launches Protect 2020 Election Security Service Bundle


Full Suite of Services and Simple Pricing Structure Help Election Officials Secure the Election

February 12, 2019 – AUSTIN, TEXAS CyberDefenses, premiere provider of cybersecurity services and an election security specialist, announces a new suite of election security services. The only security service offering of its kind, the Protect 2020 Election Security Bundle is designed to help state and local governments defend against vote tampering, data breaches, ransomware and other cyberattacks in preparation for the 2020 election. It is structured around a simple pricing model and straightforward deliverables to bring efficiency and cost-effectiveness to high quality election security.

“Cyberattackers are already working to undermine the 2020 election,” Armando Ordonez, CyberDefenses CEO explains. “A pattern of attack we typically see is a threat actor, who obtains login credentials or other stolen data months or years before, using it to stage an attack during an election. What makes this scenario even more disturbing is an attack doesn’t even have to happen to throw the election into a state of doubt.  The possibility of compromised results is enough to impact voter confidence and erode democracy. That’s why there is so much urgency around defending against these threats right now.”

Election officials cite the complexity of varied cybersecurity products and services as an obstacle to implementing an effective security program. The Protect 2020 Election Security Bundle addresses this challenge by combining everything needed to secure elections into a single offering. The bundle includes two security assessments, Cyber Navigator guidance, cyber intelligence, Darkweb scanning and continuous Security Operations Center monitoring services between now and the election.

Election departments receive a security scorecard with prioritized risks and expert guidance on the areas that need immediate attention to avoid wasted effort on security activities that are not needed. The scorecard also helps facilitate important security conversations with community leaders and stakeholders to make crucial decisions about needed resources.

While many other election security efforts focus only on the technology and election systems like voting machines and tabulation equipment, the Protect 2020 Election Security Bundle addresses potential attacks throughout the election process, from voter registration to results reporting. The service package addresses gaps in staff security awareness, strengthens the physical security of election offices and polling locations, improves election processes and establishes best practice security policies.

Additionally, the CyberDefenses Academy is offering Election Security Training for state and election officials. Delivered both in the classroom and online, the course covers attacker motivation, how they exploit vulnerabilities, how to secure the entire election process, risk management and how to instill a culture of cybersecurity across all staff members and volunteers.

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