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Ziften Zenith Enriches Endpoint Visibility, Monitoring and Historical Data Collection


Austin, TX September 25, 2017 – CyberDefenses, Inc., a leading provider of military-grade managed security services, today announced the addition of Ziften’s SysSecOps platform, Zenith, to its Threat Hunting and Response service.  Zenith provides all-the-time visibility and control for client devices, servers, and cloud VMs – a strong complement to CyberDefenses’ existing portfolio of behavioral analysis, big data analytics and threat intelligence capabilities.


Large enterprises and government agencies are establishing threat-hunting teams within SOC operations as fast as possible. However, finding the security analyst talent – and building out the right tooling, processes, and procedures – remains a tough challenge for even the most security savvy organizations.  And the challenge grows exponentially for less sophisticated, smaller, or more budget-constrained organizations.


CyberDefenses offers a Threat Hunting and Response service – as part of its comprehensive managed security service portfolio – that collects and analyzes security big data to root out targeted advanced threats and insider threats before critical data damage or theft occurs. Defense-in-depth remains central to effective IT security, but adversaries are increasingly wily and relentless. Effort must be devoted to hunting for undetected threats that have breached an organization’s perimeter, and Zenith’s all-the-time endpoint visibility strengthens that hunt process significantly.


“The demand for endpoint systems and security operations solutions that enable threat detection and response is huge,” said Charles Leaver, Chief Executive Officer of Ziften. “But many customers just don’t have the security expertise required to implement these technologies. Having a managed security services partner like CyberDefenses gives us a new channel for Ziften products and expands Cyberdefenses’ service offering.  Best of all, it provides a powerful endpoint threat hunting solution for customers who desire an achievable and affordable path to an improved security posture.”


“The addition of Ziften Zenith to our threat hunting service will make our already seasoned staff even more effective at their craft,” said Randell Casey, CyberDefenses CEO.  “And, it allows us to offer expanded endpoint assessment and incident response capabilities being demanded by our federal and commercial clients alike.”


About Ziften

Ziften delivers all-the-time visibility and control for any asset, anywhere – client devices, servers, and cloud VMs – whether on-network or remote, connected or not. Our unified systems and security operations (SysSecOps) platform empowers IT and security operations teams to quickly repair user impacting endpoint issues, reduce their overall risk posture, speed security threat response, and increase operations productivity. Ziften’s secure architecture delivers continuous, streaming endpoint monitoring and historical data collection for large and mid-sized enterprises, governments, and managed security service providers (MSSP). And Ziften helps extend the value of incumbent tools, and fill the gaps between fragmented, siloed systems.


About CyberDefenses, Inc.

CyberDefenses, Inc. shields businesses and government agencies from cyber threats through rapid, robust and reliable managed security services. Founded in 2001, the company utilizes its highly seasoned and credentialed security personnel and security operations centers to address security needs including identity management, security monitoring, threat detection, incident response, training, and executive oversight. For more information, please visit


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