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New service prevents stolen company credentials from being used to access your network.

Austin, TX June 13, 2017 – CyberDefenses, Inc., a leading provider of military-grade managed security services, today announced the availability of its Credential Tracking Service (CTS) – the world’s first service which identifies company credentials in discovered breaches and matches them directly to employee user profiles. Organizations can now automatically identify compromised user credentials and invoke immediate changes to user access before adversaries gain surreptitious network entry.

CTS integrates SpyCloud’s early-warning breach detection system with leading identity management (IdM) solutions including SailPoint Identity IQ and Active Directory. The integration makes it easy for companies to pinpoint compromised enterprise account credentials, and immediately apply remediation options including SOC escalation, forced password changes, or deactivation. Further, the solution can take steps to prevent compromised credentials from ever being applied to an employee’s account.

To date, SpyCloud has identified 8 billion breach assets being sold or shared online. CTS connects this intelligence directly to your IdM infrastructure, enabling immediate action. With attacker dwell time – the time from when an adversary first enters a network to the time a breach is discovered—still running 4-6 months, an obvious thwart is to shut down the value of a credential haul before unwanted entry occurs.

“Identifying stolen employee credential information is critical to understanding your attack surface,” said Randell Casey, CyberDefenses CEO. “Connecting that intelligence to automated action can help any organization to quickly and effectively reduce the risk of a cyber attack. CTS is a powerful addition to our managed service suite – and our innovative IdM integration makes it simple to deploy and use.”

“We are excited to be working with CyberDefenses,” said Ted Ross, SpyCloud CEO. “It makes a ton of sense for any organization using identity management solutions to marry that with SpyCloud intelligence. The fact that CyberDefenses automates the integration and provides a turnkey managed service allows companies to operationalize compromise detection and remediation – taking it to the next level.”

CyberDefenses will demonstrate the patent pending solution via a CTS integration with SailPoint Identity IQ at Navigate ’17 – SailPoint’s Identity Governance Conference in Austin, June 13-15, 2017. The demonstration will show how digitally mined credentials in the wild are automatically matched to company IdM records, where remediation actions can be invoked instantly.

In addition to SailPoint Identity IQ, CTS can integrate with Active Directory, other identity management platforms, and custom IdM deployments. Contact CyberDefenses for more information.

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