Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence


  • Highly Experienced Cyber Intelligence Experts
  • Original Intelligence, Not Just Report-Based
  • Intel Collected From All Darknets
  • Provides Insight Beyond Cybersecurity Tools and Products
  • Applied Knowledge of Most Recent Attack Methods

Expanding on Threat Intelligence to Give You a Specific Defense Strategy

Threat intelligence reports give you a good starting point in reading the threat landscape, but effectively responding to and proactively defending against threats requires information specific to your organization. CyberDefenses's cyber intelligence services deliver customized insights into cyber threat activity focused on your business.

Our team of cyber intelligence specialists understand how to navigate cyber crime underground markets and all Darknets to accurately identify the threats impacting you in particular. We go beyond threat intelligence reporting, which only provides a snapshot of threat actors, to examine evidence of attackers currently at work within your network.

We also identify signals that your data is already circulating on Darknets. We rely on an extensive security feed that collects billions of data points carefully analyzed by our team of experts, not machines, so you gain effective and accurate insight into threat activity. Plus, we cover all attacker types, from small operatives to large organized crime rings.

Additionally, we research your organization's reputation among cyber criminals to discover if your company or industry are popular targets, and the most common ways attackers seek to infiltrate your defenses. We then apply our knowledge of the newest attack methods to find vulnerabilities and perform recovery missions to help you retrieve stolen data and prevent further damage.

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