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Information Security Credentials Tracking System

Access Credentials Are the Keys to the Corporate Kingdom

What if there are copies on the dark net?

A key element of managed detection and response is finding evidence of compromise in the wild before an actual attack – or worse – data exfiltration – has begun. And with so many malware, phishing and spear-phishing attacks focused not on exploiting code vulnerabilities, but rather just pilfering legitimate access credentials – what could be more important to catch and stop? And yet, it is a complex effort for most organizations. Staff. Threat Intelligence. Big Data. Analytics. Integration. Remediation. Reporting. Who has the time to get it all right?

CyberDefenses - Security

CyberDefenses’ Credential Tracking Service makes it easy for organizations to identify compromised user credentials and invoke automated remediation steps before adversaries gain surreptitious network entry.

  • Know when your business account information is being shared on the internet or the dark web
  • Automatically matchup of compromised credentials or other digital identifiers with your ID management records
  • Easily convert threat intelligence to specific alerts and/or fast exposure remediation
  • Works with SailPoint, Active Directory, and other leading ID management solutions

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