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Intro to Network Protocols

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Laptop required

Course Details

Program Introduction

This course will provide the student with working knowledge of how to view and analyze network traffic. Students will be introduced to the network protocol concepts, communications flow, common protocols, and how malware coders can hide in plain sight. We will look at communications packets, protocols, mundane and malicious PCAPS, current and classic cuts of traffic, and will familiarize students with some of the more current and dangerous threats being used.

Course Objectives

  • It’s designed for those with an interest in Threat Intelligence and Network Protocols.
  • It conveys the necessary concepts, principles, and terms to lay down a solid foundation.
  • It’s an introductory class on several tracks CDI offers for the professional starting out.

Target Student

  • Individuals new to or desiring a better understanding of Network Protocols.
  • Professionals who deal with technical issues, but feel they do not have enough background in Network Protocols.
  • Technical professionals that need to be armed with greater knowledge of incident response, protocols and their role in resolving incidents.


Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers is a 20+ year industry security specialist who works with Cyberdefenses inc as the virtual security operations center team lead.Read more about Chris Rogers

Additional Information

  • Laptop required
  • Requires basic knowledge of computers, technology and command line interface (CLI)
    • Open and operate browsers
    • Find and use command line
    • Execute scripts
  • Prior network experience helpful, but not required.
  • Understanding of virtual machines (VM) and how to use one.
    • Understand how to import and power on a VM
Follow up this course with another one of CDI’s offerings:
  • Intro to Threat Intelligence
  • Network Fundamentals

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Communications
  • Common Protocols Deconstructed
  • PCAP reading basics
    • ARP
    • SSDP
    • TCP/UDP
    • Streams
  • Practical Exercises
  • When all else fails, read an RFCWrap up and close

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