Businesses of all sizes across multiple industries are facing an increasing number and severity of cyber threats.

At CyberDefenses, we pride ourselves on serving the commercial industry with the same military-grade security services we provide our Federal contracts. We are fully equipped and experienced at managed services, security assessments, infrastructure design, operations management, support, and training and certification.


Through our modular business model, we offer both managed and project-based services to provide you with the flexibility to implement only the services you need. Whether you need to add capabilities to your existing team or you need a full suite of cybersecurity services, CyberDefenses offers tailored solutions.


Our team of experts can assess, recommend, and right-size your security management based-on your business tolerance for risk and your budget. By asking the right questions, we can help you get unbiased answers, prepare for a board review, and help you respond effectively to potential cyber threats. The CyberDefenses team can help your business develop the appropriate systems to effectively secure your most valuable business assets and manage incoming threats.

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