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Email Phishing is a common attack vector.

The Attack Vectors to Know – Video Blog

When it comes to intelligence topics, a subject that people often hear about is attack vectors. Yet, attack vector is such a broad cybersecurity industry term. Most people may not really know what it means, and more importantly, what it means to them and why they need to be aware of the different types of…

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Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition, Analysis and Profiling for Investigations and Threat Hunting

We’ve received a few questions about what we cover in our Pattern Recognition, Analysis and Profiling class. If you are a cyber investigator or analyst – or any role that requires you to extract meaningful information for threat hunting or investigative activities – understanding how to efficiently and effectively identify patterns in huge volumes of data and…

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Expanding Your Election Security Knowledge

Election security is more than understanding the technology, which on its own can be complex and at times confusing; it also includes understanding how to do things securely at every step of the election process. Many of the concerns during the Midterm Elections were amplified by the atmosphere of uncertainty around potential threats, confusion over…

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Incident Response Plan

Incident Response Planning: Facing the Nightmare to Avoid Real-Life Horror

It’s Halloween, a time to turn our attention to the things that terrify us. In honor of this tradition, consider this creepy scenario: Lifeless eyes dilate at your approach. Battery-operated lungs suck in stale air, hypnotically wheezing with inhuman rhythm. A plastic chest rises and falls. The smooth skin reminds you of your own, only…

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Man checking cyber security on laptop

What is a Firewall and Why Do You Need One?

You may have heard of firewalls and how they are an essential part of your computer and network cybersecurity strategy. In this post, we describe what a firewall is, why they are essential for cybersecurity, and how to set up and maintain your firewall security system. What is a Firewall? A firewall is a device…

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The Election Security Conversation: Hype or Headlines?

You’ve likely seen the media coverage describing the current state of election security, and if you only read the headlines the news isn’t good. From coverage of teenagers hacking election databases in ten minutes at DefCon Voting Village  to hackers’ ability to easily manipulate votes on voting machines, the headlines paint a bleak picture. On…

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CHRIME and Malware

Malware, the scourge of our existence as cyber threat intelligence.  It’s the last thing we want to detect in our network and a strong part of our enemy’s arsenal.  In fact, commonly when I’m teaching students about malware in our Introduction to Threat Intelligence class, I explain to them that malware is like a firearm. …

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GDPR’s Far-Reaching Impact: Ripples From Across the Pond

By Damon Fleury, Chief Technical Officer As we head into the new year and plan our 2018 priorities, it’s probably a safe bet that almost every planning calendar has a circle around one date – May 25, 2018. If it’s not on your calendar, chances are it should be and here’s why. This deadline for GDPR compliance will impact…

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Beware Putting on the Blinders

        I’ve mentioned before that I like YARA. It’s been a nice quality these past few years that I’ve averaged about 6 classes each year. I’m batting a higher average for 2017, but I’m by no means complaining. It is one of my favorite subjects to teach. While teaching a recent YARA…

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Let’s Talk About NIST SP 800-171

Remember when we mentioned the clock is ticking on NIST SP 800-171 compliance? Well, where do you start? The first step to NIST SP 800-171 is actually to make sure you have the right tools to get started with NIST SP 800-171!  Check your version—the newest one was released December 2016, and you don’t want…

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