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Your Incident Response Plan Depends on Knowing Your Attack Vectors

by Brian Engle, CISO Similar to businesses, attackers have goals that they set out to achieve. Depending on the attacker, the goals may vary, but ultimately to accomplish objectives an attacker has to utilize an attack vector to break through defenses. Network defenses and cybersecurity protections are the starting point for closing up potential attack…

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DefCon’s Voting Village: Results and Impact

  by Monty St John It’s been a few weeks since DefCon took place in Las Vegas, but the buzz from this year’s event can still be heard echoing throughout cybersecurity circles, particularly elections cybersecurity. Hackers were out in full force to try their hand at breaking into election machines through DefCon’s “Voting Village” this…

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Election Cybersecurity Funding: How Much Is Enough?

by Brian Engle, CISO It would seem that the debate on the Hill over how much funding is needed for securing elections ended before it began. Congress provided funding in the Omnibus budget bill to the tune of approximately $380 million this spring, an allocation that will be divided proportionately among the states. For most…

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Looking Ahead to Growth in Cybersecurity Guidance Services with Key New Hire

by Damon Fleury, CTO While no one would argue that rapid growth is a good thing, most of us would agree that it comes with its challenges. Hiring the right team members to keep pace with a growing customer base and increasing cybersecurity pressures is one of those challenges. It’s certainly more involved than simply…

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CyberDefenses Named Top 10 Best Places to Work by Austin Business Journal

  Saying you’re dedicated to high standards as a company is easy, but it’s much harder to actually live this philosophy. The pace of business is fast, and a commitment to excellence requires thoughtful action and a ton of good old-fashioned hard work. That’s why we are honored to have been selected as one of…

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Assessments, the “sine qua non” of Security

by Monty St John Who’s gone to the doctor? Okay, raise your hands… wait — put them down, I can’t see them anyway. Why did you go to the doctor? Was it an annual checkup or did an event happen in life that prompted a check of your health?   More likely than not an…

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Decisions–Under the Microscope, in the Spotlight–Blinding Your Eyes to the Bigger Picture

by Monty St John As humans go, it doesn’t take us long to form an opinion or make a decision.  We go with our gut an astonishing amount of times.  Reflection, when done, seems to give unprecedented weight to the smallest of facts that resonate.  In fact, Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist that won the Nobel…

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More Organizations Are Recognizing the Seriousness of Cyber Threats and the Military Could Have the Answers

By Damon Fleury While the threat of cyber attacks is nothing new, the realization that a major attack could happen to any business, regardless of size or industry, is taking up increasing space on leadership radars. As companies collect more data and deepen dependence on digital networks and systems, all organizations fall into the category…

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The Military-Grade Difference in Incident Response

by Brian Engle In support of an overarching information security program, a resilient, sustained incident response program comes from the organization developing the capability in conjunction with the incident response program. The incident response program involves activities that occur in advance of an actual incident event with the goal of ensuring that the organization is…

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The Tao of Investigation

The tent-pole show ‘Law and Order’ ran on NBC for twenty years. Its durability made it the longest-running crime drama in American primetime television history. It was so successful that it spun off multiple successful times, creating SVU, Criminal Intent, and Trial by Jury. The original ran for 456 episodes (with re-runs that were actually…

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