Fighting Fuel Pump Theft

Fuel Pump Payment Card Theft Protection

At a staggering estimation of $1.5 trillion per year, criminals can make more through cybercrime, including credential theft, trade secret theft, data trading, crimeware-as-a-service and ransomware, than all other crime methods combined. One considerable area of these disturbing statistics is the theft and sale of payment and bank card data. The outdoor location and unattended…

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Election Security Assessments Help Establish a Statewide Security Baseline

Uniform practices and baseline measurements are essential for elections security, and the upcoming Presidential Election will arguably be the most closely watched and highly scrutinized election in our nation’s history. Local elections offices across the country are being told to practice good cyber hygiene and consume endless amounts of best practices and generic guidelines, but…

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Cybersecurity in 2020

Cybersecurity in 2020 – A Look at the New Year Ahead

Why re-focusing your cybersecurity efforts for the New Year is particularly important in 2020. All you have to do is Google cybersecurity and you’ll see article after article with predictions for the coming year. While industry predictions are helpful, they can also be overwhelming and leave even board members and CEOs feeling paralyzed at the…

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Navigating Black Friday Shopping Online

Tackling your holiday shopping online? Read on for tips to help you stay safe and protect your identity, so you can relax and enjoy this holiday season. While we spend a lot of our time focusing on the security of both public and private sector organizations, we like to remind ourselves that your organizations are…

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Election Incident Response Planning

Developing An Incident Response Plan for Elections

Developing an Incident Response Plan is a critical step in designing a strong cybersecurity program. In the event of an attack, a well-constructed plan can be the crucial difference between operating in reactive mode or taking a more proactive stance that thwarts the attack in its early phases and mitigates the potential damage. While it’s…

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Locks protecting a gate to portray the idea of SIEM

What Is SIEM And How To Choose The Right Tool

Understanding, Selecting, and Using SIEM One of the hurdles faced by organizations regarding cybersecurity isn’t just establishing protective measures. It’s also managing the sheer deluge of information regarding security events occurring on any given day. Because of the volume and complexity, businesses often seek out options to simplify the process. One of those options is…

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Human Toll of Cyber Attacks

The Human Toll of Cyber Attacks

It’s one in the morning after Memorial Day, and my friend and I are trying to catch a Lyft home from the airport. The designated ride share area is swarming with people, all tired from long hours in the sun, long island iced teas, (hopefully some long bouts of appreciation for our fallen soldiers), and…

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Rules to Avoid a Phishing Attack

Hard and Fast Rules of Evading Phishing Attacks

While phishing attacks are nothing new, they continue to be more inventive and of an exponentially greater quantity, causing us to pause and revisit what continues to be a serious issue for government organizations, businesses and individuals. The technique of Phishing has been around for years, and hackers continue to use it for one big…

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Assessments Take the Guesswork Out of Election Security

Securing elections sounds as if it should be straightforward, but the reality is it is anything but. It’s far more complex and goes further than securing a network with a firewall or locking down a voting machine. It requires knowing precisely where there are gaps in your entire election process that cyber criminals can exploit….

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Complacency Isn’t Affecting Election Security Progress, Unknowns Are

Recent news articles have focused on the unused HAVA funds that the Federal government has allocated for election security, and the implication is that this inaction is the result of a lack of urgency or a sense of complacency. Those of us on the frontlines of the election security challenge know that the issue is…

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