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Locks protecting a gate to portray the idea of SIEM

What Is SIEM And How To Choose The Right Tool

Understanding, Selecting and Using SIEM One of the hurdles faced by organizations regarding cybersecurity isn’t just establishing protective measures. It’s also managing the sheer deluge of information regarding security events occurring on any given day. Because of the volume and complexity, businesses often seek out options to simplify the process. One of those options is…

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zero day attack occurring to a computer software code

Understanding Zero-Day Attacks

Get Educated: Zero-Day Exploits and Attacks Part of forming a cohesive cybersecurity strategy means understanding the various threats comprising it. One threat in particular that is important to understand centers around zero-day attacks also referred to as zero-day exploits. These malicious assaults are named such for a variety of reasons: it refers to how many…

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Pattern Recognition, Analysis and Profiling. Is it for you?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash by Monty St John Our Pattern Recognition, Analysis and Profiling class tends to throw people when they see the name. In their head they ponder the title and think about pattern matching. After a dance of Sudoku, logic puzzles, and crosswords pass by their internal sensor, they give it a pass to move…

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Improve cybersecurity this year

Is Better Cybersecurity Part of Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions? It Should Be.

Just as people launch resolutions at the beginning of a new year, it’s also a great time to review your company’s status—were you fiscally responsible, financially successful, how did your team work together this year? In our day-and-age one of the most important questions a company can ask is “how does our cybersecurity measure up?”…

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Threat Intelligence and Uncertainty

What Is the Fog of War and What Does It Have to Do With Threat Intelligence?

The Fog of War is a military concept but has its place in non-military analysis as well, particularly in threat intelligence.  It is about uncertainty in situational awareness, and whether you are performing business forecasting or trying to figure out if the latest phishing you received is a threat, its place in analysis is relevant.…

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5 Cyber Health Tips for the New Year

Five Ways to Increase Your Cyber Health in 2019

You are the Internet. It’s easy to get lost in the jargon, or the acronyms, or the fast-paced upgrades, but it doesn’t make it any less true. The Internet isn’t just a bunch of servers sitting in a dusty warehouse somewhere, or the flickering bars on the corner of your phone (which hopefully don’t flicker…

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Cyber Intel Is Key to Election Security

The Role of Cyber Intelligence in Election Security

Elections. Quite the hot-button issue these days. Step into the proverbial public square, or be invited behind closed doors, and you’ll find elections are being discussed with fervor. With all the extra attention, it’s important to note that more eyes will be on security than ever – and the scrutiny won’t just be coming from…

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Reduce the Security Risks of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage: 5 Ways to Reduce Security Risks

Cloud computing offers unprecendented convenience, not to mention scalability and cost efficiencies. Yet, it’s incredibly important that organizations ensure they don’t sacrifice security for the benefits of cloud applications, servers and networks.  While securing the cloud can be a multi-faceted prospect, there are five main things to keep in mind as you defend your cloud…

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Apprenticeships Assume Important Role in the Future of Cybersecurity

There are many industries and job roles that have been completely transformed in recent years thanks to the digital era; however, cybersecurity rises to the top of industries that have seen the largest number of changes. New technologies introduce new attack vectors at the same time the transition to digital everything creates more incentives for…

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Email Phishing is a common attack vector.

The Attack Vectors to Know – Video Blog

When it comes to intelligence topics, a subject that people often hear about is attack vectors. Yet, attack vector is such a broad cybersecurity industry term. Most people may not really know what it means, and more importantly, what it means to them and why they need to be aware of the different types of…

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