Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery is Essential to Any Business

Without It, Calamity is Only a Question of When

It can happen to any business at any time. Better be prepared. There are several ways in which critical business data can be instantly lost:

  • Hardware failure: While IT technology is highly reliable these days, it is not – and never will be – perfect
  • Human error: Whether a file was accidentally deleted or never properly saved, a good BUR plan can often rectify an errant loss
  • Cyber attack: With the rise in ransomware attacks, data can be instantly encrypted beyond your control
  • Acts of God: Natural disasters can and do happen

Our job is to ensure your data is safe and resilient. With qualified professionals ready to remedy any situation, our backup and recovery services offer a safeguard against calamity.

CyberDefenses - Backup Data

Let us make sure you are prepared for a methodical restoration of business data – before the worst happens.

  • How do you know when your backups aren’t successful?
  • What types of backups, and at what frequency, should you be using?
  • How long will it take to restore your data if everything is gone except the backup files?
  • Can you do incremental restores, and have you tested it?
  • Can you restore to a single point in time, and have you tested it?
  • What is your backup compression strategy (since compression can burn more CPU, but reduce the amount of writes and overall duration of your backup)?
  • Does your backup have enough throughput to its storage device?