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CyberDefenses - Launch

Colin Tepfer
Director of Education

I am pleased to announce the launch of the pilot cohort for the innovative new program from Round Rock, Texas based CyberDefenses, Inc. – the Cybersecurity Apprentice Program™.  Through this exciting new program, we are creating our nation’s next generation of world-class cybersecurity threat hunters.

Registered under the US Department of Labor “Apprentice USA Program” and supported by the Texas Workforce Commission, this twelve-month program is designed to provide selected candidates with an accelerated path to a career in the Cybersecurity industry.

This unique Apprentice Program provides the opportunity for smart, driven, energetic individuals with little to no prior experience in the IT or Security fields to join a team that is changing the face of Cybersecurity.  Selected candidates enter the program as full-time employees of CyberDefenses, complete with salary, benefits, and all necessary materials provided by the company. Upon completion of the program, successful graduates will be placed in a full-time role supporting CyberDefenses clients and our mission to deliver military-grade cybersecurity services.

The Cybersecurity Apprentice Program™ is comprised of a series of phases that include assessments, classroom education, certification, mentoring and on-the-job training to help prepare program graduates for a role as a Tier 1 Security Analyst capable of immediate deployment into a CyberDefenses Security Operations Center (SOC).

This innovative program provides apprentices with the necessary skills in IT systems, networking, security and incident response that are so often lacking in existing cybersecurity training programs. Along the way, they will earn a series of industry standard certifications including CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certs. In addition, participants will be paired with an experienced mentor as they delve into the daily operations of the Security Analyst world. Finally, the on-the-job training phase will help participants to further hone their skills and prepare them for placement into a full-time role in the Cybersecurity industry.

To learn more about the Cybersecurity Apprentice Program™, or to sign up for notification of the submission schedule for the next cohort of Apprentices, visit our website at

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