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Month: April 2018



CyberDefenses - Crime Scene

The Tao of Investigation

by Daniel Cohen The tent-pole show ‘Law and Order’ ran on NBC for twenty years. Its durability made it the longest-running crime drama in American primetime television history. It was so successful that it spun off multiple successful times, creating SVU, Criminal Intent, and Trial by Jury. The original ran for 456 episodes (with re-runs…

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CyberDefenses - Ninja

The Four Cybersecurity Ninjas

(Based on the four villains from Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, by Chip and Dan Heath). by Daniel Cohen No one wants to make the wrong choice. And not only because of possible repercussions like losing a job, mucking up a relationship, or creating a situation that will require months…

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CyberDefenses - Robot

From Cyber Fiction to Cyber Fact

by Dan Cohen Technology follows the imagination. It’s always been that way. The great leaps in tech (civilian, military, or intelligence sectors) are never entirely accidental. Someone somewhere has an idea, and if they’re capable, tries to wrenchit out of the ether to make it a reality. Sometimes they’re lucky enough to ignite a single…

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CyberDefenses - Shield

Strengthening Your Defenses: 5 Tips to Protect Your City from Cyber Threats

The wealth of citizen data municipalities manage daily combined with the critical services that depend on this data makes them attractive targets for cybercrime . If you’re following recent headlines then you’re aware of some cities that have been caught in the cross-hairs of ransomware attacks and the intent behind them range from simple annoyance…

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CyberDefenses Strengthens Best-in-Class Threat Hunting with AlienVault Partnership

CyberDefenses, a leading provider of military-grade cybersecurity managed services, today announced that it is making its Managed Detection and Response offering even more robust through a partnership with AlienVault. By leveraging the AlienVault® Unified Security Management® platform to augment its suite of services, CyberDefenses continues to build upon its leadership in cybersecurity protection, Threat Hunting…

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