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Month: December 2017



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CHRIME and Malware

Malware, the scourge of our existence as cyber threat intelligence.  It’s the last thing we want to detect in our network and a strong part of our enemy’s arsenal.  In fact, commonly when I’m teaching students about malware in our Introduction to Threat Intelligence class, I explain to them that malware is like a firearm. …

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CHRIME & Intent

by Monty St John Intent.  It’s all about attention, or resolve if you prefer.  It’s equally a discussion of focus and the point behind performing an action.  Those reasons are key points behind the inclusion of Intent, the “I” in CHRIME, in the first place.  It speaks to the “why”, something always asked in the…

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CHRIME and Reputation

by Monty St John No one lives in a vacuum.  Just like the process of living leaves artifacts that point to history, so do the same events leave behind a trail of impacts, of evaluations that we clump together to call reputation.  Reputation is the “R” in CHRIME and a key factor in evaluating an…

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GDPR’s Far-Reaching Impact: Ripples From Across the Pond

By Damon Fleury, Chief Technical Officer As we head into the new year and plan our 2018 priorities, it’s probably a safe bet that almost every planning calendar has a circle around one date – May 25, 2018. If it’s not on your calendar, chances are it should be and here’s why. This deadline for GDPR compliance will impact…

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CyberDefenses - NIST DIY Program

NIST SP 800-171 DIY Compliance

CYBERDEFENSES LAUNCHES NIST SP 800-171 DO-IT-YOURSELF PROGRAM By Damon Fleury Chief Technical Officer As we mentioned in a blog post last month, we’re publishing a new NIST SP 800-171 Do-It-Yourself Compliance Program that expands our popular NIST SP 800-171 compliance resources. The more robust offering is designed to help federal contractors quickly address Defense Federal Acquisition…

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