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Month: October 2017



CHRIME and Constellation

by Monty St John If you haven’t had a chance to look over the introduction of CHRIME via this link, take a second to do so prior to diving into this first topic. It sets the stage to understanding what CHRIME is all about and gives some context to make the dive we are about to…

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What is this CHRIME thing anyway?

by Monty St John If you work in any intense environment where large volumes of information are processed, you figure out how to be efficient and agile or you don’t last long.  CHRIME came into being as the output of late night brainstorming sessions about how to do things better.  It was borne in the…

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YARA Hashing Magic

by Monty St John Back a few years before I started in digital forensics, hashing had a whole different context to me.  Back then, if you were “hashing” you were imbibing heavily and then going for a run, something I saw pretty much every morning when I was overseas.  Not that we didn’t have a…

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A YARA Adventure in HTML

by Monty St John YARA works well, very well, in fact, against a diverse range of targets.  One of those is webpages.  As a target selection, it’s tough to find a more diverse and testy target to build an accurate rule.  They contain text, HTML, scripts, CSS and plenty more, which complicates devising a solid…

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Intelligence Momentum and Critical Mass

I want to take a second and talk about momentum.  Specifically, momentum and building intelligence.  In this context, I am referring to momentum as the forward energy of analysis, (profiling, correlation, investigation) through the role sequence of volatile data to a realization of defined intelligence.  Regardless of the roles involved in the energy transfer (the…

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