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Month: August 2017



Let’s Talk About NIST SP 800-171

Remember when we mentioned the clock is ticking on NIST SP 800-171 compliance? Well, where do you start? The first step to NIST SP 800-171 is actually to make sure you have the right tools to get started with NIST SP 800-171!  Check your version—the newest one was released December 2016, and you don’t want…

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CyberDefenses and Privacy Ref Partner to Bring Expanded Data Security and Privacy to Enterprises

For fifteen years, CyberDefenses has worked closely with its enterprise clients to provide military-grade data security. If there is anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that effectively protecting your organization’s critical data from increasingly capable and determined adversaries requires a combination of trained people, well-designed processes, and modern tools. Dismiss any ‘leg of the…

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Getting Social with CRITs

It’s all about relationships. That’s a truism in social situations and in CRITs. In fact, go ahead and think of CRITs as a social animal. CRITs allows you to pretty much connect via relationship every top level item (TLO – link needed) and many sub-items and describe that connect via CYBOX (link) terms. While I’m…

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Cloak and Dagger Subterfuge

  If you haven’t become concerned about putting off patching and reviewing user permissions in the wake of wanna cry and eternalrocks, then perhaps you should reexamine your risk assessment and management model. Patches of any kind are always inconvenient especially if you are of any size or distribution of forces. Critical patches are even…

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