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CHRIME and Threat Intelligence


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Product Description

Course Objectives

Through the user interactive labs the student will learn:

  • Diagramming (constellations)
  • History
  • Reputation
  • Intent (goal, strategy or tactic)
  • Malicious activity
  • Effect (outcome)

Date & Time

Target Student

Threat intelligence and information security professionals or others requiring an understanding of how to handle the challenges of threat intelligence.

Threat Intelligence experience suggested.


CDI Academy
1205 Sam Bass Road, Suite 300
Round Rock, TX 78681
(512) 255-3700

Your Instructor

Monty St John

Monty St John has been in the security world for more than two decades. When he is not responding to incidents he teaches classes in Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Digital Forensics.


Certification of Completion

Additional Information

This class introduces students to the concept of CHRIME or (C)onstellation (H)istory (R)eputation (I)ntent (M)alicious (E)ffect. CHRIME is a handy acronym that covers the major areas in threat intelligence that should be reviewed for any threat. Via a series of interactive labs, students learn to draw threat constellations, which diagram points that exist around any threat Students also learn how to determine the history, reputation and maliciousness to understand a threat’s context. Finally, students are taught techniques to determine the likely intent and effect (outcome) of the threat. When a student departs this class they will have practical understanding, confidence and experience to handle fundamental threat intelligence functions.

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