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CyberDefenses - Python

Credential Dump Collection Automation

by Monty St John In this previous article, it was mentioned at various points that collection should be automated.  After a few emails and slack conversation about it, sharing some approaches to automation seemed in order.  Mind you, CDI teaches a course on Python automation, which covers these topics in more detail.  Still, below covers…

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CyberDefenses - Dumpster Diving

Credential Dumpster Diving

by Monty St John Credential dumps. Leaked identities. Stuffing lists. Data leaks. The names of the contents change, but the data stays pretty consistent. It is the use, discovery method, and origin of the data that ends up applying the pretty label.   Ever been assigned the task to find out what credentials from your…

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CyberDefenses - Launch

Apprentice Program Launch

Colin Tepfer Director of Education I am pleased to announce the launch of the pilot cohort for the innovative new program from Round Rock, Texas based CyberDefenses, Inc. – the Cybersecurity Apprentice Program™.  Through this exciting new program, we are creating our nation’s next generation of world-class cybersecurity threat hunters. Registered under the US Department…

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CyberDefenses - Banner - Security Analyst

Clearing a View to NIST 800-171 Compliance

By Dave Gray Last year, to help government contractors navigate the uncertainty and complexity around NIST 800-171 compliance, I launched a training and security program with CyberDefenses. It includes monthly online classes and a 500-page System Security Plan (SSP) template, and I’m happy to report that the program is receiving good reviews. The SSP template…

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Escalating Threats, Meet Our Growing Threat Hunting Team

by Damon Fleury  CTO Increased cyber security challenges  With some of the largest scale hacks occurring last year, there has never been a better time to pay attention and re-evaluate your defenses. An estimated 111 billion lines of new software code being created every year, equates to billions of potential vulnerabilities. There are new estimations that cyber-crime damages will cost…

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CyberDefenses - Chrime

CHRIME and Execution

by Monty St John Execution comes last in CHRIME, but it’s far from the end at the same time.  Like I’ve mentioned more than once, it can be the beginning, where the steps of the operation performed are a better starting point.  I’ve highlighted many times that CHRIME is meant to be flipped or even…

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CyberDefenses - Malware Banner

CHRIME and Malware

Malware, the scourge of our existence as cyber threat intelligence.  It’s the last thing we want to detect in our network and a strong part of our enemy’s arsenal.  In fact, commonly when I’m teaching students about malware in our Introduction to Threat Intelligence class, I explain to them that malware is like a firearm. …

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CHRIME & Intent

by Monty St John Intent.  It’s all about attention, or resolve if you prefer.  It’s equally a discussion of focus and the point behind performing an action.  Those reasons are key points behind the inclusion of Intent, the “I” in CHRIME, in the first place.  It speaks to the “why”, something always asked in the…

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CHRIME and Reputation

by Monty St John No one lives in a vacuum.  Just like the process of living leaves artifacts that point to history, so do the same events leave behind a trail of impacts, of evaluations that we clump together to call reputation.  Reputation is the “R” in CHRIME and a key factor in evaluating an…

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GDPR's Far-Reaching Impact: Ripples From Across the Pond

By Damon Fleury, Chief Technical Officer As we head into the new year and plan our 2018 priorities, it’s probably a safe bet that almost every planning calendar has a circle around one date – May 25, 2018. If it’s not on your calendar, chances are it should be and here’s why. This deadline for GDPR compliance will impact…

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